Mutual integration of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram will not happen earlier than 2020

- Maybe it won't happen at all.

“VAN” (Sergey Topychkanov – Russia) :: A few days ago, it became to know that Facebook could combine Messenger, Whataspp and Instagram messaging platforms. The applications themselves will remain independent, but users can communicate in any of these applications with the users of the other two.
This is supposed to be safe, as all applications will have end-to-end encryption.
Today, the Facebook head comments on this account have appeared on the web. Zuckerberg confirmed the existence of such plans with the company, but noted that the project is at an early stage. If it is implemented, it will appear not earlier than 2020, and perhaps even later. According to the head of Facebook, it is necessary to find out a lot before trying to realize the idea. Unfortunately, he has not disclosed any other details.
Yesterday Facebook got into another scandal regarding the collection of data users, for which it paid in a matter of hours.


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