"IPad Killer" - Microsoft has shown the concept of a flexible tablet with two screens

- The company announced Centaurus on the eve of Apple WWDC.

"VAN" (Sergey Topychkanov - Russia) :: Microsoft has been developing a two-screen device for over two years under the code name Centaurus. The hybrid device is expected to become a threat to Apple's iPad.

Microsoft has shown the concept of its flexible tablet with its two screens, which is extremely unusual for the company, because usually the news about the devices appear before the exit.Analysts link the appearance of the news about Centaurus with the holding of the WWDC exhibition and the attempt to hit on Apple's reputation.A couple of years ago, Apple patented a bent smartphone, but no news about the device after that was reported. The device from Microsoft is most likely to be in the final stage of running-in and will be presented to the public in the next six months.

In April appeared the first patent images of the device, on which it is visible, that it is executed in the form of a book and folds displays inside.The bending structure is made of two independent articulated units that are responsible for the screen position.

On new frames It is visible, that the device reminds a notebook, on which the electronic handle is fastened to the side of the device hints.

It is reported that Centaurus will become the first owner of Windows Lite, because the platform will be focused on devices with two screens.

Previously, Microsoft attempted to create a similar device called Surface Mini, but was forced to abandon due to its non-competition with the other representatives of the market of tablets. The "Killer of iPad" like Centaurus can shake the market and throw Apple off the leadership positions.


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