India & US urge Taliban to ensure security, human rights in Afghanistan

"VAN" (Delhi Bureau - 12.11.2023) :: India and United States, during their 2+2 ministerial dialogue in New Delhi, jointly called on the Taliban administration to adhere to their commitment to prevent any group or individual from using Afghanistan’s territory to pose a threat to the security of any country.

Meanwhile, both parties called on the de facto administration of the Taliban to respect the human rights of all Afghans, including women, children and other ethnic groups and to uphold freedom of travel.

In this meeting, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, along with their Indian counterparts, emphasized the Taliban’s commitment to preventing any use of Afghan territory to threaten other countries’ security, as mandated by UNSC Resolution 2593 (2021).

The ministers urged the Taliban to adhere to these commitments, including not allowing Afghan territory for threats, attacks, terrorist sheltering, training, or financing.

Furthermore, they stressed the importance of unhindered access to humanitarian assistance to reach those in need within Afghanistan.

These discussions aim to facilitate an inclusive and peaceful future for all Afghans. The international community remains dedicated to supporting Afghanistan’s transition towards stability and a more secure future.

The Ministers’ collective call to the Taliban encompasses several critical aspects, including security commitments, human rights protection, and humanitarian assistance access.


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