Program of Indian PM Modi’s visit to Russia to be extensive - Dmitry Peskov

"VAN" (International Desk - 07.07.2024) :: The program of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Moscow will be extensive and the two leaders will be able to have informal talks, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Modi will travel to Russia on an official visit on July 8-9.

"Obviously, the agenda will be extensive, if not to say overbusy. It will be an official visit, and we hope that the heads will be able to talk in an informal way as well," he said in an interview with Russia’s VGTRK host Pavel Zarubin.

Peskov said that Russian-Indian relations are at the level of strategic partnership. The spokesman added that there would be both one-on-one talks in the Kremlin and those involving delegations.

"We are expecting a very important and full-fledged visit, which is so crucial for Russian-Indian relations," he said.

Modi’s visit to Russia will be his first trip after he was sworn in for a third consecutive term at the helm of the government. The Indian prime minister last visited Russia in 2019 when he traveled to Vladivostok in the country’s Far East. And he last visited Moscow in 2015.


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