Afghan refugee contributes to the development of a drug to save pregnant mothers with pre-eclampsia

"VAN" (Afghanistan Bureau - 12.11.2022) :: A female Afghan refugee who lives and studies in the United Kingdom, has contributed to the development of a drug pill to save pregnant mothers with pre-eclampsia which takes the lives of hundreds of thousands mothers and newborn babies every year.

Homira Rezai, a female Afghan refugee who fled Afghanistan when she was only 13, has worked with a team of medical scientists and researchers to develop an anti preeclampsia drug to help pregnant mothers.

My PhD was on a drug to prevent preeclampsia and now my job is to continue this journey to save mothers and babies from this disease, Homira Rezai tweeted with the link of the news story published by The Guardian.

Seven years working on this drug to prevent pregnant women from developing preeclampsia, in this paper, I showed that this drug (dubbed MZe786) was able to prevent preeclampsia in disease models, Homira has said.

According to Homira, it will take few more years for the researchers at the clinical stage to ensure the drug is safe and effective.

Scientists at MirZyme Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company, believe they have developed a drug that when given to women from 20 weeks of pregnancy could stop them developing the condition, The Guardian reported.

According to Guardian, pre-eclampsia endangers the lives of thousands of expectant mothers and their babies in the UK each year, and has no therapeutic options. Globally, it affects between 2% and 8% of pregnancies and kills up to half a million babies and 100,000 women a year.

Pre-eclampsia is usually detected during the second half of pregnancy or soon after birth and can lead to serious complications if it is not found during midwife appointments. Early signs include high blood pressure and protein in the urine.


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