India reacts to Pak FM’s remarks regarding possible attack against Pakistan

"VAN" (Delhi Bureau) :: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India reacted to Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s recent remarks regarding a possible Indian attack inside Pakistani soil.

“India rejects the irresponsible and preposterous statement by the Foreign Minister of Pakistan with a clear objective of whipping up war hysteria in the region,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India said in a statement.

The statement further added that “This public gimmick appears to be a call to Pakistan-based terrorists to undertake a terror attack in India.”

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shahe Mehmood Qureshi had earlier said that India is preparing for another attack against Pakistan, claiming that Islamabad has received credible information in this regard.

Speaking to reports in Islamabad, Qureshi said the credible information received by Islamabad shows that India is mulling to carry out the attack between 16th and 20th of April.

Qureshi further added that the information has been shared with Prime Minister Imran Khan, international community, and permanent members of the UN Security Council.


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