US presents to UNSC second draft for delivering humanitarian aids to Afghanistan

"VAN" (Afghanistan Bureau - 23.12.2021) :: After China denied US resolution over step by step ease of sanctions on Afghanistan, the country has presented its second draft of the resolution based on humanitarian aid will be delivered directly to the Afghan people.

Based on the draft, the United States will be providing humanitarian aid to Afghan people without the de facto authorities’ access.

Not only China but Russia, France, Britain, and India were among the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council that opposed the draft.

Chinese envoy to UN Zhang Jun had said that humanitarian aids and life-saving assistance should reach Afghan people without any hindrance.

He had added that artificially created conditions and restrictions were not acceptable.

It is still not clear whether China will oppose or confirm the new resolution.

Based on the resolution that is reviewed by AFP, all financial processes, estates, economic resources, and services that cooperate and support humanitarian aids in Afghanistan are legal.

The resolution is said not to be in opposition to the UN 2015 resolution that had banned Taliban-related estates.

In the meantime, the resolution will also allow individuals and organizations to pursue deals even with the ministries that are led by black-listed Taliban officials.

The US has lately decided to ease sanctions on Afghanistan for humanitarian purposes but the country is yet to unfreeze nearly ten billion dollars of Afghanistan.


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