“Israel “ is responsible for war crimes committed in the Gaza Strip - UN Commission

"VAN" (International Desk - 20.06.2024) :: The United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry into Crimes Committed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories has announced that “Israel” has killed and mutilated tens of thousands of children in the Gaza Strip and is responsible war crimes and crimes against humanity.

At a meeting on the commission’s report on the sidelines of the 56th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, commission head Navi Pillay said: “Israel” deliberately targeted civilians in densely populated areas. The number of civilian casualties in Gaza and the massive destruction of infrastructure are the result of an intentional policy by “Israel” which prevented the arrival of basic subsistence materials for Palestinian civilians.

Regarding the crimes of the occupying forces and their settlers in the West Bank, Pillay said: “We have observed an escalation of violence perpetrated by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank,” emphasizing that the occupation is the reason for everything. what is happening in the Palestinian territories and that the Palestinians have suffered for decades from the occupation of their territory.


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