Abdullah and Karzai have no written plan for Afghanistan: Ghani

"VAN" (Afghanistan Bureau) :: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani spoke at a side event of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday criticizing Abdullah and Karzai, saying none of them have written plans for the Afghanistan future and peace process.

Ghani used the ‘your hands do not reach to take the grapes and you say it’s sour – not tasty –‘ phrase for Abdullah and Karzai saying they cannot do anything, but criticize.

“If the Taliban are not ready to stop violence, I will not allow them to return to power misusing peace negotiation opportunities with the United States”, Afghan President warned the Taliban.

The Taliban had earlier announced their chief Mullah Haibatullah had agreed to a brief ‘ceasefire’ before signing a deal with the United States, but the Afghan government insists on a complete ‘ceasefire’ plan before Intra-Afghan talks start.

Afghanistan Chief Executive Officer, Abdullah Abdullah and former President Hamid Karzai had recently criticized President Ghani accusing the President of the sabotaging the peace negotiations.

In response to a moderator’s question at a side event of the Davos Forum, Ghani praised himself claiming he was successful in starting peace negotiations with the Taliban, but Karzai failed to do it, he said.

“I am busying working with the public, people trust me, I have plans which I am working on them”, Ghani said.

“What’s the plan of President Karzai and CEO Abdullah? Please show me at least one page written plan of them for the country”, he added.

President Ghani criticized the Taliban leaders saying they are enjoying life with 4 or 5 wives abroad and that they have turned to big investors, however, their fighters are tired of war and want to stop the violence, he said.
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