A person killed in QSD-controlled al-Houl Camp

"VAN" (International Desk - 29.12.2021) :: Within the state of chaos and insecurity inside the al-Houl refugee camp, which is controlled by the QSD militia with the support of the American occupation forces, east of Hasaka, a person was found brutally murdered.

Local sources told to Syrian News Agency that the body of a person who was slain inside his tent was found in the first section of al-Houl camp, in light of the security chaos that led to the deaths of dozens of the camp residents during the past months.

The US occupation forces and the QSD militia are detaining thousands of displaced persons in the al-Houl camp, east of Hasaka, in tragic conditions that threaten a humanitarian catastrophe, in light of the severe shortage of water, medicines, food, security, and others.


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