Pakistan’s conspiracy of ‘narcotic jihad’ to destroy India ! – Film Producer, Prashant Sambargi

"VAN" (Delhi Bureau - 12.10.2021) :: There are two types of ‘jihad’ existing in India; one is hard ‘jihad’ which includes bomb blasts, terrorist activities and the other is soft ‘jihad’ which includes ‘Halal economy’, ‘land jihad’, ‘love jihad’, and ‘narcotic (drugs) jihad’. Narcotic jihad is used for weakening India without any bloodshed and wasting a single bullet. It is Pakistan’s conspiracy to make the young generation of India weak and consequently, destroy India. Ramzan, a Pakistani drug-peddler has openly confessed to this after his arrest, stated Mr Prashant Sambargi, a renowned filmmaker and industrialist from Karnataka while speaking in the special online discussions program held by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on the subject of ‘Narcotic jihad in India?’.

Mr Prashant Sambargi said further that Kerala is being developed as the next ‘narcotic jihad’ centre after Punjab. The crimes related to consumption of narcotics drugs or dopes used to be around 500 which have gone up to around 3500 since 2016; therefore, Fr Joseph Kallarangatt from Kerala had openly said that Christian young women were targeted through such drugs. No Hindi or even Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, film party would be enjoyed without consumption of dopes, is a national equation. All artists from the Bollywood industry had come for the birthday party of a Congress MLA held at Bengaluru in Karnataka from a minority community which was organised by Imtiaz Khatri of ‘Sushantsingh Rajput’ case. The connection between Sandalwood (Kannada film industry) with drugs has been exposed. In 2019, on behalf of ‘Art of Living’, we had decided to record a short interview with some people from the film industry for the campaign of ‘Drug-free India’; when 70% of people had refused because most of the film industry is involved in it and therefore, even Aryan Khan has been getting support.

Mr Arunkumar Upadhyay, the former additional Inspector General of Police from Odisha said on the occasion that drugs business is a major medium to earn money for terrorism and criminal activities, but till it is not properly investigated and hearings held in the fast track Courts to punish the culprits, it is very difficult to stop this business. Crimes related to drugs are considered as a medium to earn money by the police, customs, and anti-narcotics squads; therefore, instead of investigating the killings of 15 colleagues of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the investigations were diverted towards narcotic drugs. Mr Narendra Surve, the Delhi spokesperson of HJS said that not only in the film industry but a young woman named Neha Bahuguna and other 3 young men had died during the Sunburn Festival held in Goa due to excessive consumption of drugs. The young generation in India is overall being destroyed and Hindu Rashtra needs to be established to save Indian youth from narcotic drugs.


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