Women are not Zeroes they are “SHEROES”

"VAN" (Richa Kataria) :: Since the day civilization began women have been considered just as the better “halves” to their male counterparts who are meant to support , care and complete them in every possible way they can for it is the sole purpose of a women’s whole existence on this earth which clearly states that she has no identity of her own. A female is always defined in derogatory terms as not being a male who is the symbol of power, possession and position in the society and thus a female has no access to them at all because she is not a man she is not a so called “hero”. A women is not just a better half , she is just not meant to complete men; how can she be just half when she has the capacity to generate a complete new individual to a life. It is a woman who bears the child in her womb for 9 months and later gives it away to the world separating it just from her body but not from her heart and soul as a women once a mother is always a mother no matter how old her child is and no matter what her age is. Being a woman is not being a Zero for being weak in terms of physical strength, not scared of being abused or raped but being strong, focused and dedicated to do everything equal to what a man does in terms of physical strength, emotional stability and financial independence. A women is capable of everything from giving birth to a child, flying a plane or scaring out the enemies to death at the battlefield as effectively and efficiently as a man or rather a hero would do from a long time now. No more is a women just confined to the boundaries of a household for she has the courage to lift all the rocks that block her path and deviate her from achieving her goals. A woman is a fighter who fights all odds when she has a will and a way to go and get her goals. Born as women you can never be a hero because you are destined for more. Do everything more than a hero can ever think and do ; as women are meant to be not Heroes but SHEROES who have extra power and energy than any super hero. So all the women out there embrace yourself, muster all your courage and value yourself more than anyone else in the world for People value you at the value you are seen to put on yourself.


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