Policy implication oriented research needed for facing the challenges in post covid era - Prof. M.M. Goel

"VAN" (Kurukshetra Bureau - Haryana) :: ‘The quality of research is directly correlated with the infrastructure, commitment of the researchers and can be done by having capabilities, desire and to enjoy it,’ said former Vice Chancellor M.M. Goel, a known needonomist professor retired from Kurukshetra University.

He was delivering the inaugural address as the chief guest of the E- Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Advanced Qualitative & Quantitative Techniques" organized by the Department of Business Administration ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad during 24-29 July 2020.

We need concrete plan of action for research and development (R&D) in a continuous manner without making excuses of various kinds including financial crunch, told Professor Goel.

For facing the challenges in post covid era, there is a need for policy implication oriented research and not only t-value significance at 95 percent level of significance with many disconnections, said Professor Goel.

The use of software SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is necessary but not sufficient in social science research and calls for proper analysis to draw policy implications, believes Professor Goel.

To minimize the data limitations for research in India, there is a strong case for reducing the time lag between the collection and publication of data on socio - economic indicators and strengthen the data base for future prediction, told Professor Goel.

We have to change our looks, actions and words for becoming street smart researchers, explained Professor Goel.


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