Taliban shadow district governor captured in Baghlan

"VAN" (Afghanistan Bureau) :: Security sources in Baghlan province say that the new shadow district governor and the military chief of the Taliban for the Sabri district of Khost province have been arrested in Baghlan province.

Ahmad Javed Basharat spokesman to Baghlan police HQ said that during a special operation conducted by the Khenjan district police in cooperation with the counter-terrorism and provincial police, two key Taliban members who were involved in destructive and “terrorist” activities in Baghlan-Kunduz and Baghlan-Samangan Highways were captured and detained.

Basharat added the two captured insurgents are originally residents of Khost province and senior members of the Taliban group.

According to the security official, both were recently appointed in high ranked positions.

The detainees confessed to being involved in many massive attacks and ambushed Afghan security force members and bases along Baghlan- PuleKhumri and Baghlan -Samangan highways.

It is noteworthy that an investigation is ongoing in connection with this matter.

Earlier, Taliban district chief for the Jalga district was arrested by Afghan security force members.

Taliban have not yet commented on the incident.


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