Pakistan most likely to suffer if peace process fails - President of Afghanistan

"VAN" (Afghanistan Bureau) :: President Ashraf Ghani in a virtual conference with Economic Cooperation Organization on Thursday said, that for forty-two years Afghans have been deprived of the foundational right to security and peace.

President Ghani also focused on Afghanistan as the strategic location in the Asian continent.

He added that due to continuous conflict Afghanistan has turned into a killing field, he said it is time to stop the ongoing violence and because of it our beautiful country has turned into a battleground.

Afghans, the republic government, and international partners have a true urgency to build peace, and the support for a comprehensive ceasefire is to accelerate the peace talks in Doha, President Ghani said.

On the aspect of Afghanistan’s geostrategic importance, the President said, “Afghanistan is poised to serve as a roundabout between central, east, south and west Asia and a platform of international and regional cooperation.”

President Ghani indicated that Pakistan in the neighboring country will most likely suffer if the peace process is failed, and it plays a significant role in facilitating a prolonged peace in Afghanistan.

This comes as Sarwar at 26th death anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari Thursday, Second Vice president Sarwar Danish said no peace plan should lead to chaos and collapse of the republic system.

Any proposed plan in the absence of Afghanistan and its interests will be prevented, and that plans should be made while maintaining the political system and the constitution.

He added that plans for the interim and participatory government without election are a “doomed plan”.


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