Apple has created a glass keyboard for MacBook

"VAN" (Sergey Topychkanov - Russia) :: Apple created a glass tactile keyboard for the MacBook. Its surfaces are tightly docked, the gaps between the mechanical elements are minimized. At usual keyboards with time accumulate the dust, worsening reliability of a product.
According to Apple experts, it is not yet clear how will be new products in daily use conditions. The corporation has offered users a new keyboard, its upper part is made of solid glass. However, there are tiles for the keys, below is a display that displays the keyboard layout. According to the idea, denser joints will increase the reliability issue by blocking dust ingress inside.
Engineers used tactile technology, pressing the key system itself determines its strength. The following is a response, it can be compared with mechanical pressing.
This method is used in the MacBook actual generation. Modern Taptic Engine and Force Touch Technologies simulate tapping with your fingers. The presence of clear borders between keys and feedback makes the keyboard very convenient. The layout displayed on the special screen can be easily changed. The glass surface works as a convenient touch pad, you can drive your finger over the keys, moving the cursor.


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