Syrian Government holds Turkish Government responsible of a war crime and call upon International community - Syrian Ambassador Riad Kamel Abbas

“VAN” (Hemant Kumar Sharma – New Delhi, India) :: While the Syria Government and the Syrian Arab Army along with allies are fighting terrorist organization in Syria and succeeded in getting rid off most of them and retaking the majority of Syrian territories under their control, the Turkish regime led by President Erdogan violated Syria territories and launched military offensive against Syria under the pretext of fighting terrorist organization. Committing massacre and killing innocent Syrian peoples.

The Turkish regime invasion of Syria is a clear aggression of a sovereign nation and in violation of all International Laws and UN Charter.

The Syrian Government hold the Turkish Government responsible of a war crime and call upon International community to put pressure on the Turkish Government to cease its all military activities and misadventures in Syria.

The Turkish invasion have created another exodus of Syrian people in habited in that part causing another humanitarian crisis. Since the beginning of the war in Syria the Turkish regime never stopped its intention of destroying and destabilizing Syria. President Erdogan opened Turkish border with Syria to mercenariestraining camp and allowed them to enter Syria to kill Syrian people and destroying Syria with full aided and funded by US and its allies.

The Syrian Government will continue its war on terror and liberation of all Syria territories and expel all illegitimate forces present in Syria.

Syria will continue its policy of reconciliation and rebuilding of Syria with the help of all friendly countries.

Syria is undergoing process of reconciliation, political and economic reforms with all Syrian parties by the Syrians for the Syrians.

Syria appreciates all the help extended to counter terrorists in its all forms and supporting Syria integrity and sovereignty.


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