Indians can apply for e-visa of Turkey but conditions apply; NO Visa-On-Arrival

"VAN" (Delhi Bureau) :: Each & every Indian Tourist have lots of questions in their mind related to visas of several countries. There are lots of visa exemptions, so many visa-on-arrival, sticker visa and e-visa also. Today we will talk about the Visa of Turkey. You must know about this if you are a lover of nature & climate.

Turkey has relaxed its policy of not issuing visas on arrival (VoA) from October 28 to a number of nationalities, including from India. Indian passport holders who have valid visa or residence permit from Schengen, US, UK and Ireland will be eligible for Turkish e-visa, said Deniz Ersoz, culture and tourism counsellor at the Turkish Embassy.

Such Indians “can obtain their e-visa on the site in three minutes for a fee of $44.5,” Ersoz said. After getting the visa on mail, such travellers can then fly to Turkey with a print of the e-visa.

Indians who do not have valid visas or residence permits of these countries will, however, need to apply for sticker visa, with the single entry visa fee being Rs 3,940. “Turkish e-visa is equivalent to the Turkish sticker visa issued at Turkish missions. With e-visa one can enter from any border gate to Turkey and stay along the period that e-visa allows,” Ersoz added.

Asked if passengers transiting through airports in Turkey need a transit visa, he said: “If passengers are not leaving international transit area, they do not need any type of visa. It is advised to confirm the matter with airlines company if exiting transit area would be needed.”

Turkey’s relaxation for Indians comes after its earlier decision to stop VoA to a number of nationalities from October 28. Visitors from these countries need to take a visa before heading to the country.

The website of Turkish embassy in Delhi had while announcing that change said: “Important Update: E-visa kiosks at any airports in Istanbul will not be available after October 28, 2018. Please get your e-visa before your departure to Turkey after said date. An e-visa is an official document permitting entry into and travel within Turkey. Citizens of India, Bhutan, Maldives and Nepal (and over 100 other countries) are eligible for the e-visa.”


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