Honorary citizenship to Japanese aid worker granted by Afghanistan

"VAN" (Ahmad Farhad Shaheer - Afghanistan) :: Afghanistan Government is granting honorary citizenship to a Japanese aid worker for his 15 years of service to people of Afghanistan.

Shah Mahmood Miakhel, provincial governor of Nangarhar province on Sunday announced that Dr. Tetsu Nakamura, the head of Peace Japan Medical Services (PMS) will soon be granted honorary citizenship by the government of Afghanistan.

Speaking during a gathering organized in Nangarhar provincial government compound earlier today, Mr. Miakhel hailed Dr. Nakamura for his 15 years of service to people of Afghanistan.

Mr. Miakhel further added that Dr. Nakamura has received a honorary medal from the government of Afghanistan based on recommendations of Nangarhar provincial government.

He also added that the Presidential Palace has also approved the recommendation of Nangarhar government to grant a honorary citizenship to Dr. Nakamura.

According to Miakhel, the process of collecting biometrics data from Dr. Nakamura has been completed and he is due to receive his honorary citizenship documents from President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in the near future.


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