Death of democracy in Afghanistan, we inherited ethnic conflicts - IEA

"VAN" (Afghanistan Bureau - 15.01.2022) :: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reacted to the recent so-called intra-Taliban conflict in the northern Faryab province and added that ethnic conflicts have been inherited from the previous Afghan government.

A spokesman of the IEA Inamullah Samangani in a Twitter post said that escalating and strengthening ethnic conflicts in Afghanistan was the biggest achievement of democracy in the country.

Inamullah Samangani said that democracy is now dead in Afghanistan.

He said that the pro-democracy figures now attribute the Taliban to a single ethnicity in Afghanistan so that they create divergence among Afghans.

It comes a day after the arrest of a local Taliban commander in Balkh province triggered a demonstration in Faryab province.

The protesters accused the Taliban of ethnic discrimination saying Pashtoon Taliban arrested Uzbek one.


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