ABE ZAM ZAM will not allowed in these flights with immediate effect

"VAN" (Delhi Bureau) :: Indian National Carrier Air India banned the carrying of holy water ABE ZAM ZAM cans on its narrow-body aircraft with immediate effect.

A typical narrow-body aircraft's cabin space has a diameter of 3-4 m, with a single aisle, and seats between two and six people abreast.

New Delhi base Headquarter's official told that, "Just to ensure in-flight safety and due to limited space constraints, we stopped allowing passengers to carry Zamzam holy water cans in Air India's narrow-bodied aircraft." However, the official confirmed that passengers can continue carrying Zamzam on wide-body aircraft traveling in this sector.

A circular issued by Air India sales representatives said that Zamzam cans will not be allowed on flights AI966 - Jeddah, Hyderabad, Mumbai - and on AI964- Jeddah to Cochin. The circular added, "Note that with immediate effect until September 15, due to "change in aircraft", and "limitation of seats".

He added that there are several wide body aircraft operating in this sector also, you can use those."


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