Kaspersky Lab to open Transparency Center in Brazil in 2020

"VAN" (International Desk) :: Kaspersky Lab, multinational anti-virus and cybersecurity provider, is set to open its new Transparency Center in Brazilian Sao Paolo to boost openness of its activities, the company’s Vice President for Public Affairs Anton Shingaryov told Russian News Agency on the sidelines of the Paris Peace Forum on Wednesday.

"In January 2020, the Trasparency Center in Sao Paolo, Brazil is opening its doors," he noted. "There we will present the source code of our products for regulators as well as interested partners and experts to examine it."

According to Shingaryov, the company is currently receiving a lot of questions about the way its product functions. "We get a lot of questions like any hi-tech company — what does your product do, what data does it collect, where does it send it, how does it work, are there risks that it can collect something it is not supposed to, are there risks of spying activities through your products?" he explained. "We say, there you are, this is how our product works, come and check for yourself. You can examine everything."

According to him, examination of the source code "allows looking inside and studying it, its functionality, from within and making sure that the product does what it says — catches viruses and sends them for analysis." "It does not spy," he underlined.

Shingaryov pointed out that Kaspersky Lab is the first company in the cybersecurity sphere to do that. The vice president also clarified that Brazilian clients of the company include the armed forces.

Kaspersky Lab has already opened its Transparency Centers in Madrid, Spain and Zurich, Switzerland. Another center is scheduled to open its doors in Malaysia in 2020.
Cr :: TASS


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