The need to eliminate terrorism in Idleb and settle crisis in Syria - Lavrov

"VAN" (International Desk) :: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated the need to eradicate terrorism in Idleb, settle the crisis in Syria and to make efforts for reconstruction and the return of displaced Syrians to their country.

Lavrov, during a joint news conference with his Italian counterpart Luigi Di Maio in Rome on Friday, said: “We reaffirmed our commitment to resolution no. 2254 on the settlement of the crisis in Syria and stressed the need to fight terrorism, especially in Idleb, where Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations still control most of its areas.”

He added: “The return of the displaced and the reconstruction of areas devastated by terrorism have become our priorities.”

Resolution no. 2254, adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council in December 2015, affirms that the Syrians are the only one who determine their country’s future without any outside interference and that terrorist organizations are outside any political process.

On the settlement of the crisis in Libya, the Russian Foreign Minister stressed that there is no alternative to a peaceful settlement, stressing the necessity of organizing a comprehensive national dialogue.
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