Bulgarian leader asks for irrefutable proof on charges against Russophiles movement head

"VAN" (International Desk) :: Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has asked the republic’s prosecutors to provide "irrefutable facts" regarding the espionage charges against Nikolai Malinov, chairman of the National Movement of Russophiles.

"Espionage in favor of a foreign state is a grave accusation, and if the investigation does not provide irrefutable facts, then distrust will linger that Bulgaria’s government bodies have been engaged in an orchestrated foreign policy scenario," the president’s press service quotes Radev as saying.

"The government’s inability to deal with the serious issues nationwide and its total strategic failure to meet the priorities of our European development have deteriorated into a frantic search for an enemy, both in the past and in the present. This is done so that people continuously fight each other, unable to unite in search of those responsible for today’s problems and failures," the president emphasized.

The head of state also asked for proof that "Bulgarian policy has not become a hostage to intra-party interests."
Credit :: TASS


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