EU to agree new Brexit extension if London asks for it - Sources

"VAN" (International Desk) :: The European Union will agree to again extend Brexit should the United Kingdom request it, a source inside one of the delegations to the European Council told Russian News Agency on Monday.

"If London asks for a new extension, the EU is likely to agree because it is understood here that another extension is better than a no-deal Brexit. If the choice is between these two variants, Brussels will definitely choose the first option and not a Hard Brexit," the source divulged.

Moreover, the diplomatic source claimed that London now has an "official reason" to request this extension. "It is the latest proposals put forward by London. Yes, Brussels does not agree with them as they are presented, but some leaders are saying that they can lay groundwork for further discussions and improvements. Time is needed for that — more than we have until October 31," the source believes.

Last week, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson submitted his plan to agree Brexit conditions for the EU consideration, but the very next day Brussels announced that the plan cannot be approved as it is since it does not resolve contentious issues and proposed that London improve it. Nevertheless, Johnson insists that the EU should compromise and accept his proposals, otherwise the UK is set to leave the EU without a deal.
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