Russia to ramp up security at energy facilities due to drones attacks on Saudi Aramco

"VAN" (International Desk) :: Russia may re-evaluate and ramp up security at oil production facilities in the country following the attack by drones on facilities of the Saudi Arabian Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest company in terms of production volumes, Energy Minister Alexander Novak told reporters on Monday.

"There is a law on security at fuel and energy facilities, which stipulates all required protection measures. Such incidents as the attack on Saudi Arabian facilities require a re-evaluation of the current situation. I think we will address that issue as well," he said.

The energy minister added that the attack affects energy security around the globe. Global oil reserves are sufficient to offset losses for crude output due to the incident, Minister Alexander Novak told reporters on Monday.

The minister noted that he plans to hash over the issue with the kingdom’s energy minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, later on Monday. "Our colleagues keep in contact with the Saudi side, we are monitoring the situation and believe that attacks on such facilities affect energy security overall," he claimed.

Asked whether Russia needs to offset shortfall in output, he said: "Currently everything depends on estimation of the aftermath by the Saudi colleagues, which will clarify the scale of the impact on production volumes. However, the current global commercial reserves are sufficient for covering that oil shortage in the midterm. Everything will mainly depend on how long the consequences of the failure of the country’s oil infrastructure will last," Novak said, adding that he does not consider it necessary to "assume any urgent measures."
Credit :: TASS


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