After Delhi's incident; now temple demolition attempt in Uttar Pradesh

"VAN" (Sajan Saini - Mujaffarnagar, UP) :: After the demolition in the temple of Delhi, there is a case of demolition in the temple at Muzaffarnagar. Where a typical youth of the community hit the temple of Hanuman ji with stones, in which the glass was broken in the temple. The priest in the temple caught the young man and handed him over to the police. When taking notice of sabotage in the temple, the activists of the Hindu organization demanded strict action against the accused youth while encroaching the police station. The police has filed a lawsuit against the accused youth in the bayonet streams.

Actually the case is of the Hanuman temple situated in Khatauli Kotwali area. While a young man of a Muslim community tried to break the statue by stoning stones in the temple this morning, but the Ganayat was that the stone became shattered by the stone, but the stone was not reached till the statue. Upon hearing the noise of breaking glass, the temple priest caught the accused youth and handed over the police to the police and informed the police. As soon as the information about the break came, the people of Hindu Sangh reached the temple first and then they reached the police station and surrounded the Kotwal and demanded strict action against the accused youth. The police has also filed a lawsuit against the accused youth in the saffron stream and started preparing to send the jail.

The accused is being described as a resident of the youth of Bulandshahr district, the rest of the police has been involved in scouting the history of the youth. Kota Khatauli Ashish Pratap said that the priests here are here in the morning and a Manoj person was reciting the worship. At that time a person came there and entered the stone and made a kind of comment and after that he was caught in his interrogation. Name Moses said that Bulandshahr is Khurja's resident. He has tried to offend religious sentiments and tried to break the idol. Undergone any kind will not be tolerated such a thing take stern action in the strict way here from Khurja that being aware of it is being sent to prison.


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