Saudis eye Russia’s S-400s and will Syria see peace after Ankara summit

"VAN" (International Desk) :: The peace process in Syria has reached an irreversible stage following the fifth summit of the Astana trio, held in Ankara. Experts interviewed by Izvestia point out that since 2017, Russia, Turkey and Iran have done their utmost to diminish the threat of terrorism that has been hovering over the region.

In less than two years, the three-country group managed to achieve rather tangible results. Large-scale military activities in Syria have come to an end and the country is now slowly returning to a peaceful life. Nevertheless, a number of issues remain unresolved, with the existence of a hotbed of terrorism in Idlib being the most pressing one, as about 5,000 militants are holed up there, according to various estimates. However, Vyacheslav Matuzov, a former diplomat, told the newspaper that resolving the Idlib problem was only a matter of time.

The establishment of the anticipated Syrian constitutional committee was another issue that the three leaders mulled over on Monday. According to Matuzov, the committee’s launch will mark the completion of the trio’s peace efforts. The expert noted that a final decision on the committee member list, reached in Ankara, meant a victory for the forces that truly wish to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Meanwhile, "all participants in the Astana talks have their own interests as far as Syria is concerned," Leading Research Fellow at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Nadein-Rayevsky told Nezavisimaya Gazeta. "An important thing for Iran is to limit Saudi Arabia’s appetite there. As for our country, the crucial task is to launch an intra-Syrian peaceful political dialogue, while Turkey’s biggest concern in Syria is the Kurdish issue," the expert said, adding that Erdogan would try to take advantage of Russia’s efforts to establish peace in order to accomplish its own goals.

However, experts are confident that although Moscow, Ankara and Tehran have certain differences on the situation in Syria, the three countries are still united in their uncompromising fight against terrorism.
Credit :: TASS


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