To reduce the effect of the covid crisis on the middle class, we have to control food inflation - Prof Goel

"VAN" (Kurukshetra - Haryana Bureau - 13.06.2021) :: “To reduce the effect of the covid crisis on the middle class, we have to control food inflation caused by hoarding and black-marketing as a failure of governance,” said Kurukshetra based Professor M. M. Goel, Vice-Chancellor and Founder Needonomics School of Thought. He was addressing the participants of a webinar on the topic ‘Effect of Covid-19 on Indian Economy ’ organised by FMC, ICFAI University, Tripura. Dr. Susobhan Maiti convener delivered a welcome address and presented a citation on the achievements of Needonomist Professor M.M. Goel. Prof. Biplab Haider, Pro-Vice Chancellor chaired the function.

To secure the economic recovery from the covid crisis, we have to boost Needo-marketing by adopting NAW (Need, Affordability and Worth) with a focus on the need-based priorities in choices of all kinds explained the needonomist Goel.

To optimise benefit to risk ratio in any critical situation like covid, we have to focus on the benefits and not overestimate the risk, believes Prof. Goel.

Vaccination hesitancy started from ignorance and fear which calls for awareness movement, said Prof. Goel.

We have to think needo- solutions with no fiscal needs such as attacking regulatory cholesterol by abolishing unnecessary compliances of the rules with 100 percent digitalization, said the founder of the needonomics school of thought.

There is a strong case for enhancing the take-home salaries of middle-class employees by making EPF voluntary so that purchasing power is created during covid, told Prof. Goel

To face the covid crisis with courage, we have to become the part of the solutions team in the economy by remaining careful and useful Indians told the needonomist Goel.

For saying no to the socio-economic problems caused by greed, we have to adopt needonomics with Needo-consumption, told Professor Goel.

We have to be alert, aware, and awake with vivek for the effects of the covid and change lifestyle based on needonomics with needolove (love for needs) and motivate people for vaccination, said needonomist Goel.


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