Introspection on Skill Development for Youth in India on World Youth Skill Day

"VAN" (Kurukshetra Bureau - Haryana) :: “For commemorating World Youth Skill Day on July 15, 2020 more than annual ritual in India, we need to understand, analyze and interpret the relevance of skills for Indian youth for surviving, existing and excelling in the covid era and beyond,” said former Vice Chancellor and Director Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sriperumbudur Professor M.M. Goel retired from Kurukshetra University.

He was speaking on the topic ‘Introspection on Skill Development for Youth in India’ on the occasion of World Youth Skill Day in a webinar here today.

Under Skill India programme, we require life skills, reading skills, writing skills, marketing skills, business skills, analysing skills for artificial intelligence and above all verbal communication skills for Indian youth. For prosperous and progressive future of Indian youth, we need the power of skills for individuals and communities in 28 States and 9 UTs of India, said Professor Goel.

We have to utilize the allocated resources for ‘Skill India’ properly, productively and practically (3P) for using the hands, heads and hearts (3H) of the Indian youth in post covid era, believes Professor Goel.

To reduce the delay in decision making, we have to learn from palli -palli ( jaldi-jaldi in Hindi) culture of South Korea with whom we share Independence Day, said Professor Goel.


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